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12:00 PM 20th, Jul 2018 Lagos


Five Tips from MTN and Google on How to Grow Your Business

As part of the continuing benefits of the MTN Man-in-the-Box initiative, MTN in collaboration with Google recently held a one-day session to train SMEs on to take advantage of digital tools in growing their businesses. Here are five key takeaways from the session:


  1. Get Online

That’s obviously the first thing! You can’t own a business these days and not be online. Be it a website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you just have to get online. Google also offers tools like Google My Business, a tool that provides SMEs with a free listing and simple website that will help them pop up on Google searches and drive traffic to their businesses.


  1. Mobile Is Key!

It’s great to get a website, but always note that the website has to be optimised for mobile because according to some research, 50% of people expect a site to load in less than two seconds. Google’s tool, Test My Site, helps with this. It is a free, online tool that helps businesses with their websites.


  1. Ads Never Hurt!

You have to promote your business! Push, push, push! Paid ads using platforms like AdWords will help your businesses reach lots of potential customers all over the world. With this, when people search, watch videos, and browse online content relevant to your business, you pop up!


  1. Google and MTN’s Other Gems! You’re Welcome!

There are also other Google tools like Shopping Ads that provide image-based ads and Global Market Finder that analyses data from Google Search, Translate and AdWords. Don’t forget the exciting opportunities MTN provides – with its cloud services, voice and messaging services, value-added services, unified communication and broadband.


  1. With All of This, You’d Definitely Be Worried about the Stable Internet!

Well, MTN provides a lot of broadband Internet packages for businesses, and you’ll definitely find one that suits you! After all, it’s Nigeria, you need that assurance for your business to thrive!




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