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12:00 PM 22nd, Aug 2016 Cross river


The value placed on Yam for the people in Cross River state, cannot be overstated with its noble significance marked as a celebration every year in the month of July and August.  New yam festivals are socio-cultural festivals that are recognized and celebrated across the diverse ethnic populations of Cross River state.

Leboku Festival has been transformed from simply celebrating Yam, to a season of fun, home-coming, stock-taking and deep reflections, especially for the ten communities that comprise Yakurr and usually lasts for 32 days. It also represents a thanksgiving to God for the fertility of their land. This show of appreciation has great spiritual affinity with the cultural and historical antecedence of the Yakurr.

The activities during the festival supports  the people’s strong belief that it is a merger of hard work and divine help that makes them successful, as well as providing succor during wars; blesses the people with wealth; provides the barren, with children and provides spiritual protection to those who seek help.

MTN has over the years contributed immensely towards its success and has been transformed into a world class tourism event attracting a worldwide tourist audience .MTN will also add more value to the festival by empowering the  indigenes through our sustainability program. That will positively affect the lives of people.




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