MusicPlus Karaoke, Abuja

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6:00 PM 11th, Jan 2017 Caribbean Lounge, Abuja

The #Musicpluskaraoke is specially designed for you Music enthusiast and lovers to experience the best of karaoke from various talented individuals in Nigeria and also a night to be serenaded by your favorite artist.

Another exciting edition held at the city of Abuja on the 11th of January, in the Caribbean lounge with the popular Nigerian female Actress Seyishay headlining the event amidst several other artists.

The icing on the cake is the #Musicplusguitar given to the winner of the Karaoke competition.  A lot of young artists have been recipients of this gift powered by Music plus, you too can. To be on top of other editions you can follow us on social media; Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook- @MTNNG.




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