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:00 AM 18th, Aug 2020

Welcome to The Revv Programme!

The Revv Programme is a give-back initiative by MTN, aimed at addressing the critical needs of SMEs during this COVID period and in the aftermath of the pandemic. This initiative is aimed at helping SMEs relearn, rethink and retool their businesses for growth in the emerging digital economy.

The programme will consist of a series of business-related masterclasses, advisory services, marketing and technology support targeted at over 10,000 SMEs.

For all the SMEs that will be attending the masterclasses, we encourage you to pay attention as there are a lot of good things in store!

The Revv programme will serve in the following ways:

Masterclasses: Imparting relevant knowledge and applicable skills to business owners.

Advisory services: Providing daily insights, access to free digital training, advice from experts and a suite of offers to help you work more efficiently so that you keep selling and remain profitable,

Productivity Support: Compilation of practical tools, business resources and opportunities; including Solutions to help manage your business remotely, etc.

Access to New Markets: MTN will utilize its online real estate to create and drive awareness for SMEs.

We will be selecting a total of 200 SMEs to make up our “Y’ello 200”. SMEs will be selected after each Masterclass and at the end of all the sessions, we will announce our Y’ello 200. We will be supporting these SMEs with the delivery of empowerment tools and awareness creation opportunities.

To participate in the Masterclasses and possibly become one of our Y’ello 200, Register here




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