VVS Fashion & Tech: A Fusion of Style, Innovation, and Culture in Lagos

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:00 AM 01st, Aug 2023

In a groundbreaking celebration of fashion, technology, and culture, the iconic fashion house, I.N Official partnered with MTN as they set out to host a transformative 3-day event.

This captivating experience aimed to inspire and nurture sustainable communities in the creative technology space among Africans, spotlighting the fusion of style and innovation. From a grand fashion show featuring ten Nigerian fashion houses to thought-provoking panel discussions, trunk sales events, an unforgettable After Party, and a sumptuous VVS dinner, this event promises to redefine the intersection of fashion and technology. Held at the prestigious Balmoral in Lagos from July 7th to 15th, VVS Fashion & Tech is set to leave a lasting impact on the fashion and tech landscape in Africa.

Meet the Visionaries:

At the heart of VVS Fashion & Tech is the visionary founder of I.N Official, Ifeanyi Nwune (@i.n.official), whose creative prowess has garnered global acclaim. Joining him are four other trailblazing Nigerian fashion houses:

TJWHO (@tjwho.universe) by Taju Ibrahim: A brand that dares to challenge the boundaries of contemporary fashion, combining African heritage with modern aesthetics.

Fruché (@fruche.official) by Frank Aghuno: Known for its avant-garde designs, Fruché is at the forefront of sustainable fashion, promoting ethical practices and empowering local artisans.

Hertunba (@hertunba) by Florentyna Agu: A brand that embraces the essence of African cultural heritage, infusing it with a touch of contemporary elegance.

The Grand Fashion Show:

The highlight of VVS Fashion & Tech is the grand fashion show, where these talented Nigerian designers will showcase their latest collections on a mesmerizing runway. From bold prints to intricate detailing, the collections promise to celebrate the rich tapestry of African culture while embracing innovative design techniques.

Engaging Conversation Panel:

VVS Fashion & Tech goes beyond aesthetics to explore the symbiotic relationship between fashion and technology. Renowned industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries will convene for a captivating conversation panel. Topics such as sustainable fashion, technological innovations in the industry, and the impact of digitalization on African fashion will be at the forefront of discussion.

Trunk Sales Event:

The event will also offer an exciting trunk sales event, where attendees can browse and purchase unique pieces from the participating fashion houses. This is a fantastic opportunity to support local designers and invest in exclusive, one-of-a-kind fashion creations.

Unforgettable After Party:

VVS Fashion & Tech promises an unforgettable After Party, bringing together fashion enthusiasts, tech aficionados, and creative minds under one roof. The celebration will be a fusion of music, art, and technology, adding a new dimension to the traditional fashion event.

VVS Dinner:

The event culminates with a lavish VVS dinner, offering an exclusive opportunity for networking, collaboration, and fostering connections within the fashion and tech industries.

VVS Fashion & Tech, curated by I.N Official, is set to be a transformative experience that celebrates the vibrant culture, innovative spirit, and immense talent of African fashion designers. With a harmonious fusion of style and technology, this event marks a significant step towards nurturing sustainable communities in the creative space. As the fashion world embraces technological advancements and sustainable practices, VVS Fashion & Tech shines a spotlight on the evolution of fashion and its potential to drive positive change within African communities and beyond.




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