Wurld At The Industry Nite.

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8:00 PM 26th, Feb 2020

Another Wednesday, another #IndustryNite made brighter by #MusicTime. Last night, This is wurld took to the stage at Shiro Lagos to give us a taste of Nigeria’s finest music and it was the perfect environment for after work relaxation

We turned it up with him at the 2nd edition. It was a great evening as Wurld serenaded us with different songs from his EP. We are happy we were live to experience it.

We also gave out some tickets to some of our followers on social media and we were happy to have seen the smile on their faces when they picked up their tickets.

MusicTime made this edition brighter, and we are always elated to be a driving force to the discovery of new talents and the expansion of music in Nigeria and beyond.

MusicTime is the world’s first time-based music streaming service, it is a pay-as-you-go premium music streaming platform with full access to local and international content.

There is an in-built time ticker that continuously manages and monitors your data usage. MusicTime works like pre-paid airtime, you only pay for only what you listen to.
On MusicTime, you will always know how much balance you have available.

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