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11:00 AM 07th, Nov 2020

Meet The Hosts And Judges Of MTN Y’ello Star.

In our commitment to ensuring a seamless approach to finding and making stars in Nigeria amidst the recent happenings, we held a virtual audition where participants auditioned from the comfort of their homes.
Time slots were reserved for participants who were interested in becoming the next Y’ello stars; this again is proof to validate our commitment as a digital inclusive organization.

The auditions started with 11,898 participants in total, 9,003 participants made it to the second round, 3,800 participants made it to the third round, 315 participants made it to the fourth round and now we have our TOP 40.

Here are our Judges

Yello Star Judge
BankyW: Nigerian singer, rapper, actor, entrepreneur, humanitarian and politician. Banky’s ready to Turn It Up with #MTNYelloStar

Yello Star Judge
Omawummi: She’s a multi-award winning recording artist and highly rated Nigerian vocalist! Omawumi’s ready to Turn It Up with #MTNYelloStar

Y'ello Star Judge
Malik Yusef: He’s an American 6 time Grammy Award winner, songwriter, rapper, actor, spoken word poet, and producer. Malik’s ready to Turn It Up with #MTNYelloStar

Our Host:

Y'ello Star Host
Tobi Bakre: An investment banker, media personality, professional photographer, fitness enthusiast and content creator, Tobi’s ready to Turn It Up with #MTNYelloStar.

Y'ello Star Host
Hildah Bassey: A producer, TV personality and Food Expert on Dine on a Budget. Hilda’s ready to Turn It Up with #MTNYelloStar.
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