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12:00 PM 22nd, Oct 2017 Lagos, Nigeria


Health they say is wealth, thus creating a healthy lifestyle requires a great workout routine and habit. This led us here at MTN to support the health-based initiative; CYCOLOGY RIDING CLUB & SCHOOLS CYCLING CHALLENGE (SCC) BY AFRICAN CYCLING FOUNDATION. The Cycology competition seeks to bring to life, the essence of a healthy lifestyle and also a competition where students learn early how to keep fit whilst enjoying the game of cycling.

Every year since inception, Cycology has impacted positively in communities via raising money for charity. Some of these include money for CS Don Run for Cure, WOW Divas – Cancer, Special Olympics, CDC (autistic children) and Polio Eradication with Rotary International.

This year, the club will be organizing the biggest Ride with SCF (Sustainable Cycling Foundation). This cycling Criterion usually involves several categories of competitors who come from all over Nigeria to Compete at this event. There would be

  • Monetary prizes and Trophies for the monthly cycling criterion
  • Cash and kind gifts to be handed out to city sanitation workers periodically
  • Outreach programs in schools to promote health, fitness and cycling skills.

We look forward to an impactful competition this year and we hope to promote a more enabling health environment for all.




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