Leboku Festival

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11:00 AM 16th, Aug 2019 Calabar

Historically, the Leboku festival is a three weeks new yam festival celebrated by the people of Yakurr, a local government in Cross River State to appease the goddess and the ancestral spirit of the land and to pray for a productive harvest. The Leboku cultural fiesta offers a refreshing, interesting experience to both participants and spectators.

The cultural festival takes off with a public parade to the Yakurr ancestral home from mid-August to mid-September. During this festival, people are not allowed to go to the farm. They are expected to exchange visit with one another.

The second day is the women’s festival day popularly known as (Janenboku).

The third day is the male festival (Ledemboku) and it also involves the presentation of gifts to male loved one’s and also a display by the Etangala masquerade who is known to be appearing only once in a year and only on the festival of new yam.

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