Love ‘n’ Ships @ MTN

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:00 AM 21st, Feb 2024

Here at MTN, we are all about enabling connections, and what better place is there for beautiful connections to thrive than right in our own community?

This Valentine, we took a heartfelt dive into the relationships and friendships that have blossomed within our workplace. From married couples to office best friends, we set out to uncover the stories behind these special bonds.

Through meaningful conversations and honest interviews, we discovered the depth of connection shared by these pairs. Whether its love blossoming amidst work responsibilities or friendships strengthened by shared goals, “Love & Ships” celebrates the various forms of companionship that bring joy to our lives.

Join us as we share the stories and experiences that highlight the beauty of love and friendship at MTN.

Want to get the inside scoop and learn more about the connections that make our workplace feel like home?




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