Rave With Momo: A Celebration of Arts, Entertainment & Music

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:00 AM 09th, Jan 2024

It’s safe to say the festive season in Nigeria was a non-stop party, musically fueled by the MoMo Rave concerts. Let’s rewind and relive the magic!

The Rave with Momo events kicked off the Christmas season with ‘A Night of Queens’ at the Eko Hotel Convention Centre, setting the stage for a series of electrifying concerts. The subsequent ‘Native Land’ event continued the party and highlighted MoMo PSB’s role in shaping the music scene by providing a platform for emerging talents.

The grand finale, ‘Davido Live in Concert’ at the Landmark Centre, showcased Davido’s infectious energy, non-stop dancing, and electrifying performances. Known as ‘Omo Baba Olowo,’ Davido surprised fans with generous cash giftings, reinforcing the festive spirit. offering attendees an immersive experience into Nigeria’s diverse roots.

The festival celebrated the nation’s cultural heritage through indigenous music, dance, art, and fashion, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the rhythm and soul of the country.

The eclectic lineup of artists, including Ayra Starr, OdumoduBlvck, BOJ, Odunsin The Engine, Sarz, and Uncle Waffles, delivered a musical journey across Afrobeat, hip-hop, R&B, and alternative genres. Beyond the music, the events transformed into an artistic haven, with captivating art installations, thought-provoking exhibits, and live art performances, inspiring attendees to embrace their creative journeys.

The festival also embraced technology, offering online access through livestreams.udux.com and providing a 10% ticket discount via MoMo PSB, showcasing its commitment to accessibility.

Lagos stands as a testament to the power of music to unite, inspire, and create lasting memories. The Nativeland Festival and the Rave with Momo concert series not only celebrated Nigeria’s cultural tapestry but also solidified Lagos as a global hub for musical

innovation and celebration. These events, with their diverse offerings and immersive experiences, have left an indelible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts across Lagos and beyond, marking a triumphant chapter in the city’s ever-evolving musical journey.

The night saw memorable collaborations, uniting music lovers from diverse backgrounds and celebrating their shared love for music.




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