Reshaping the Media Landscape, One Practitioner at a Time

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:00 AM 19th, Apr 2024

At the heart of communities worldwide lies a timeless truth: “What we learn shapes who we become.” This truth echoes through the corridors of our daily lives, with the media serving as our faithful guide, illuminating our minds and connecting us to the pulse of the world.

With this understanding in mind, we have committed to an annual endeavor: the MTN Media Innovation Program (MIP). This intensive six-week program aims not only to enhance the knowledge and skills of media practitioners but also to catalyze transformation within the media landscape, effectively turning them into catalysts for change.

Applications for this year’s program closed on April 10, 2024. Shortlisted candidates will undergo 33 days of classroom instruction, followed by a seven-day, all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa. Additionally, they will receive one day of tutoring each at the MTN Nigeria headquarters and the MTN Group Headquarters, as well as the Innovation Hub.




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