The MTN Nigeria-Sponsored Categories at the Pulse Influencer Awards

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:00 AM 12th, Oct 2023

In a world increasingly shaped by digital interactions and online influence, excelling in social media, content creation, and digital marketing is vital. The Pulse Influencer Awards, a platform celebrating digital trailblazers, is at the forefront of this recognition.

As a company known for innovation and excellence, we’re proud to sponsor three key categories at the Pulse Influencer Awards. These categories exemplify the theme of ‘outdoing yourself.’

We sponsored the Business category, reflecting the growing impact of digital entrepreneurship. In the digital age, many harness social media and online platforms to create thriving businesses, continually pushing their boundaries.

Fashion and style, in the digital era, find new avenues for expression and influence. Content creators and influencers in the fashion category become style icons, consistently setting trends and inspiring others to excel in their choices.

The Technology category, also supported by us, acknowledges digital pioneers pushing innovation’s boundaries and reshaping how we interact with technology. These individuals lead the way in a tech-centric world, consistently surpassing their previous achievements.

Our sponsorship of these categories underscores our commitment to fostering innovation, influence, and excellence in the digital world. We’re not only honoring these influencers but also inspiring the next generation of digital leaders. This partnership marks a significant step in recognizing and celebrating excellence in the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape. It’s a celebration of consistently ‘outdoing oneself’ in the digital age.




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