Unearthing Nigerian Athletic Stars: The MTN CHAMPS Initiative

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:00 AM 12th, Oct 2023

MTN CHAMPS, which stands for “MTN Champions of Athletics in Nigeria,” is more than just a sports program. It’s a platform that recognizes the immense athletic potential hidden within the diverse regions of Nigeria. Similar to the renowned Jamaican High school CHAMPS, this initiative seeks to unearth future stars and mold them into world-class athletes.

While the primary focus of MTN CHAMPS is to develop young athletes, the ultimate goal is to see them compete on the world stage. By identifying and nurturing these talents early on, the program aims to produce athletes who can represent Nigeria in prestigious international competitions, such as the Olympics and World Championships. These athletes, with the world-class training and support they receive, become the pride of Nigeria, showcasing the nation’s prowess in athletics to the entire world.

The strength of MTN CHAMPS lies in its ability to cast a wide net. The program scouts for budding athletes in every nook and cranny of Nigeria. No matter where an aspiring athlete resides, they have an opportunity to showcase their skills and earn a spot in this prestigious program.

MTN CHAMPS extends beyond the athletes themselves; it has the potential to bring about a transformative impact on the communities from which these talents emerge. By promoting sports at the grassroots level, the program encourages a healthy and active lifestyle among young people. This not only fosters a sense of discipline but also offers a positive outlet for energy and enthusiasm, reducing the allure of negative influences.




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