Y’ello Hollo Tour; Exploring the Musical Journey

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:00 AM 03rd, Aug 2023

The advent of 5G technology has revolutionized the digital landscape, opening up new possibilities for connectivity, entertainment, and communication. Hence, we have taken a unique approach to celebrate the rollout of its 5G network by organizing special musical tours featuring some of the country’s top talents. From the vibrant streets of Lagos to the cultural richness of Enugu, these MTN 5G tours have not only showcased the power of technology but have also celebrated the diversity of Nigeria’s musical scene.

Abuja: Praiz and Johnny Drille Unite for a Spectacular Show

The nation’s capital, Abuja, sets the stage for the inaugural stop of the MTN 5G tour. R&B sensation Praiz and the soulful Johnny Drille come together to mesmerize the audience with their soul-stirring performances. Against the backdrop of Abuja’s iconic landmarks, this musical extravaganza underscores the harmony between technology and creativity.

Kano: Hamisu Breaker Amplifies Tradition with 5G Beats

The tour heads north to Kano, a city known for its rich cultural heritage. Hamisu Breaker, a rising star in the Hausa music scene, takes center stage. Blending traditional rhythms with contemporary 5G-infused beats, Breaker’s performance bridges the gap between the old and the new, showcasing the evolution of Nigerian music.

Enugu: Slowdogg’s Energetic Performance Ignites 5G Frenzy

Enugu comes alive with the fiery performance of local rap sensation Slowdogg. Against the backdrop of Enugu’s lush landscapes, Slowdogg’s high-energy act captures the essence of the city’s vibrant music scene. The integration of 5G technology elevates the experience, allowing fans to share the magic of the moment seamlessly.

Ibadan: Qdot’s 5G-Powered Grooves Shake the Ancient City

In the ancient city of Ibadan, Qdot takes the stage to deliver a pulsating performance that fuses Yoruba folklore with modern beats. The synergy between Qdot’s music and MTN’s 5G network creates an immersive experience for concert-goers, reaffirming the transformative potential of technology in the entertainment industry.

Lagos: Johnny Drille Returns to Wrap Up the Tour in Style

The MTN 5G tour comes full circle as it returns to the bustling metropolis of Lagos. This time, it’s Johnny Drille who takes the spotlight once again, delivering a

captivating encore performance. Amidst the glitz and glamour of Lagos, the tour’s closing act epitomizes the fusion of talent, technology, and entertainment.

MTN’s 5G-powered musical tours across Nigeria have transcended mere entertainment. They have become a celebration of the nation’s cultural diversity, a testament to the unifying power of music, and a showcase of the potential that cutting-edge technology like 5G brings to the creative arts. As these tours continue to inspire and captivate audiences, they mark a significant milestone in Nigeria’s journey towards a more connected and innovative future.




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